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Swiss Aircraft Registry

The Swiss Aircraft Registry shows all records of Swiss registered Aircrafts. It contains detailed information regarding owner and holder, type of aircraft, its year of construction, serial number, max. MTOM, and the fee according to noise level.

SAR: Detailed view: HB-IQI

Search results
field value
Registration HB-IQI
Aircraft model/Type A330-223
Certification Basis JAR 25
Airworthiness Category Large Aeroplanes
Classification EASA
Aircraft Address 4921032 (dec)
4b16c8 (hex)
22613310 (oct)
010010110001011011001000 (bin)
Year of manufacture 1999
Work number 291
No. of seats 224
Max. take-off mass (kg) 233000
Engine PW4168A
Noise-related fee class -
main operator Edelweiss Air AG
Postfach , CH-8058 Zürich

main owner Celestial Aviation Trading 49 Limited
Bleicherweg 58, CH-8027 Zürich


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