Potential design and production deficiencies Agusta-Westland

Important safety information concerning potential design and production deficiencies on Agusta-Westland Helicopters

FOCA SAND-2010-001


A Swiss operator has reported problems with tail rotor blockage due to loose parts located in the area of the tail rotor control mechanism in one of his helicopters. Further inspections revealed that on other helicopters several inadequately installed or missing screws were detected.
Another incident is related to the installation of inadequate bolts (too long) which have chafed on the surface of pitch control rods. In a third case the surface of the cranks of the driving scissor in the main rotor head were deteriorated severely due to inadequate assembly.
This information and safety relevant situation prompted the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) to issue an information bulletin on this topic. The aim here is to ensure that holders and operators of such products will be alerted and may be aware that a similar situation may be possibly also present on their aircraft.Main products affected so far are:
  • Helicopter Agusta-Westland A109SP
  • Helicopter Agusta-Westland A109S


FOCA does recommend that holders, operators and maintenance facilities are aware of such prob-lems and may perform a visual inspection in critical areas on their own discretion. Any observations and irregularities resulting out of operation and/or inspections should be reported to the state of registry as well as to the TC-holder.

Notes: Agusta-Westland has already been informed by the operator that has initially detected the noncon-formities on his aircraft. This information does not exclude and/or supersedes any relevant information of the TC-holder / the responsible Civil Aviation Authority related to the deficiencies as described aforementioned.


Federal Office of Civil Aviation

Safety Risk Management (SRM)
3003 Bern


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