The contents of this website refer to legal bases which have not entered into force.

Before I fly a drone: The most important rules at a glance



I avoid assemblies of people

When I fly a drone, I am not permitted to fly directly over uninvolved persons or assemblies of people.


I do not fly my drone above a height of 120 metres

When I fly a drone, I always keep to the maximum height of 120 metres above ground level, unless I am in possession of an appropriate permit.


I maintain visual line of sight (VLOS)

When I fly a drone, I maintain visual contact with my drone at all times. It is also my responsibility to maintain sufficient separation from other aircraft and take timely evasive action because they cannot see my drone. 


I am aware of the area restrictions

When I fly a drone, I am aware of where I am permitted to fly it and where not. The RPAS map is an information aid for these area restrictions. It shows those areas where flying my drone is prohibited or restricted.Cantonal restrictions must first be clarified with the responsible cantonal authority. 


I respect the privacy of others

When I fly a drone, I must comply with data protection and privacy legislation. Everyone has the fundamental right to protect their privacy, which is why I never fly low over private property. More information (only available in French, German and Italian).



I have sufficient insurance

When I fly a drone, I need to make sure that I am properly insured for my flight (civil liability insurance for an amount of at least CHF 1 million for all drones weighing 250g and over). In the event of an accident, liability lies with the drone pilot. I must pay for any damage I cause.



Do I respect the 6 rules during my drone flight?


Then I fly my drone in the ‘open’ category. My drone flight does not require an approval. But there is an obligation to registerAll other regulations are case-specific and are based on the weight of my drone:


Gewichtejusqu'à 250 grammesjusqu'à 900 grammesjusqu'à 4kgjusqu'à 25kgjusqu'à 25kg




Sachplan Verkehr, Teil Infrastruktur Luftfahrt (SIL)

Insurance and Privacy

If I am not properly insured for my flight or do not comply with the data protection and privacy legislation, I am not allowed to fly my drone.


Area restrictions

If I want to fly my drone in an area where drone operations are not permitted or restricted, I am required to apply for a permit from the relevant authority.


Specific category

In all other cases I fly my drone in the specific category. My drone flight must be approved by the FOCA, because it involves an increased safety risk.