Update: EU drone regulation in Switzerland

Status: 16/08/2022

Switzerland adopts EU drone regulations

  • The date for the entry into force of the EU drone regulations in Switzerland is not yet confirmed, as the procedure for adopting these regulations is still pending. Until further notice, the existing national law applies. 
  • Swiss drone pilots can already register here on a voluntary basis and complete the certificates. The registration and certificates will be valid once the EU regulations will enter into force in Switzerland.
  • There are transitional provisions and transition periods for the adoption of the EU regulations. Information can be found on the respective pages:   

Transitional provisions for drones without class marking;

Transition period for SORA permits;

Transitional period for drone operations that will become subject to authorization when EU law comes into force (e.g. drone flight above 120m above ground);

Provisions for authorization according to Swiss standard procedure (CH-STS)

  • The FAQ provides answers to the most important questions regarding the EU drone regulations in Switzerland

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Last modification 15.09.2022

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Please note: FOCA is not responsible for dealing with drone-related issues that are subject to private law and data protection
legislation, e.g. disturbance of the peace, undesired filming, protection of privacy.

The Drone guide

helps to identify drone pilots whether they are allowed to fly in desired zones without restrictions. In addition, it also indicates which permits may have to be obtained.