National standard scenarios (CH-STS)

Switzerland is adopting EU drone regulation on 1 January 2023

The following applies to the CH-STS on drone operation over assemblies of people:

  • The FOCA will not issue an authorisation for this CH-STS after 1 January 2023;
  • if you wish to operate a drone over an assembly of people, you must apply to the FOCA for an authorisation according to SORA.

The following applies to other CH-STS:

  • Authorisations will be issued up to 31 December 2023. No new authorisations under a CH-STS can be issued after this date.
  • The date of validity indicated on the authorisation applies; it is valid for a maximum of two years from the date of issue.
  • Proficiency: Pilots must complete a remote pilot certificate (sub-category A2) and also acquire theoretical and practical knowledge relevant to their planned operation.

Last modification 31.05.2023

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