subcategory A3 (under 25kg)

The contents of this website refer to legal bases which have not entered into force.

For drones under 25kg (subcategory A3)

I fly a drone which weighs under 25 kg. This puts me in the open A3 subcategory under EU law.

In order to be able to fly my drone in this category, I must also acquire a proof of completion of online training, which certifies that I have acquired the basic knowledge to fly my drone safely and legally. 

My drone must have both a CE marking and one of the following class markings: C2*, C3, C4. If this is not the case, I fly my drone in the transitional category Limited Open.

*To fly a C2-class drone in subcategory A2, you need a remote pilot certificate, presuming the drone weighs less than 4kg. If instead you obtain only a competence certificate, you can fly your drone under the operating conditions of subcategory A3.


The A3 subcategory at a glance



Two steps to your flight



According to the EU drone regulation, I am required to register with the official operator registry UAS.gate*.

*Switzerland has not yet adopted the EU drone regulation, registration is therefore voluntary and free of charge for drone pilots in Switzerland until further notice.


Once I have registered, I must also complete an online self-study course, which will teach me about the rules and regulations which apply to flying a drone in my weight class. The knowledge I have acquired is tested directly with exam questions. This is a multiple-choice theory exam with 40 questions.

Passing the exam is mandatory and cannot be compensated by way of existing licences or certificates. 

Further information on the current situation for Swiss drone pilots in terms of registration, training and exam are available in the FAQ (section "Motion 20.3916 and the application of the EU drone regulation in Switzerland").


I keep the minimum safety distance to uninvolved persons



I have a proof of competency for remote pilots in the ‘open ‘ category and keep a minimum horizontal distance of 150 metres from residential, business, industrial and recreation areas.

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