Subcategory A1 (under 250g)

Following the adoption of motion 20.3916 by both chambers of parliament calling for the exclusion of aeromodelling from the EU provisions on drones, Switzerland must start negotiations with the EU. For this reason, Swiss law will continue to apply to drones and model aircraft. The contents of this website therefore refer to legal bases which have not entered into force.

For drones under 250g (subcategory A1)

I fly a drone which weighs under 250 g. This puts me in the open A1 subcategory under EU law. 

My drone must have both a CE marking and the C0 class marking. If not, I fly my drone in the transitional category limited open.


The A1 subcategory at a glance



Pilot registration

UAS.gate, the official portal for registration, training and examinations, is due to go online in Spring 2021. It will then be possible for operators to sign up voluntarily. As Switzerland has not adopted the EU regulation, it has third-country status in relation to the EU member states. There is therefore no guarantee that registration in a neighbouring country will be recognised. The same applies to training and the examination, which can also be taken on a voluntary basis.


If I fly a drone equipped with a camera or sensor which is capable of recording personal data, I am required to register with the official operator registry UAS.gate.

The cost of registration is CHF 10.00.


Further information

Last modification 01.06.2021

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