New Swiss platform for drone pilots is now online

18.8.2021 - The FOCA has published the UAS.gate, a new platform for drone pilots. Drone pilots in Switzerland can register and obtain certificates on a voluntary basis. The service is free of charge until further notice. Registration and certificates are currently not accepted in other EU countries.

Switzerland has not adopted the EU drone regulation, which requires drone pilots flying a drone weighting more than 250g to register and complete an online training and test.

Since 16 August it is nevertheless possible to register on the platform UAS.gate and pass the online training and test on a voluntary basis.

Certificates obtained voluntarily are not accepted in the EU, as Switzerland has not yet adopted the respective EU regulations. People flying their drone abroad are required to register in the EU Member State where their first drone operation takes place. However, the training and test can be done on the platform of any EU country, depending on the preferred language of the pilot, for confident German speakers for example in Germany or Austria.

Registering on a voluntary basis is worthwhile not only for reasons of costs. Anyone who completes the free of charge online training and test after registration, can deal more intensively with both generally applicable safety topics and the specific rules of the new EU regulation. Furthermore, the registration offers advantages for the ones participating to the Swiss U-space program. If Switzerland adopts the EU drone regulation, the voluntary registration is accepted in Switzerland and the EU. Registration and online training and test will then be charged.

On the platform, you can:

And now you are ready to fly your drone!

UAS operator Person responsible for the drone. 
Remote pilot A person permitted to operate a drone, because you obtained the appropriate certificate proving that you are capable of operating a drone. 
UAS-Betreibernummer Electronic registration number that must be clearly displayed on the drone. A drone without a UAS operator number clearly displayed may not be flown.
Remote pilot ID Your personal remote pilot identification number. You receive your remote pilote ID as soon as you passed the online exams (remote pilot certificate or certificate of competency). The remote pilot ID needs to be carried in the form of the certificate when operating a drone.

Do you have any further questions about registration, training and testing?

Please refer to the FAQs.


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