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The contents of this website refer to legal bases which have not entered into force.

The FOCA allows the implementation of ‘specific’ drone operations by providing optimal general conditions: Innovative ideas from companies and Swiss universities are made feasible under current aviation safety regulations with the aim of promoting new technologies in the interests of the economy and society and, in the longer term, maintaining Switzerland as a leading international location for research and innovation.

A step-by-step guide to acquiring an approval for a specific drone operation

What is a specific drone operation?

The new regulation defines "specific drone operations” as any drone flight, which requires a permit or the involvement of the FOCA.

When is a drone flight considered to be specific? 

Any drone flight during which compliance with one or more of the 6 basic rules is not possible is considered ‘specific’. Flights with drones which exceed the take-off weight of 25 kilogrammes are also considered ‘specific’ drone operations. Please note that with new EU drone regulation, drone operations which were previously possible without a permit under Swiss law may now be considered "Specific" (and therefore require an approval).

Are you planning a drone operation under the specific category?

There are three different basic procedures available to you in order to have your ‘specific’ drone operation approved:

Today, these three procedures cover the majority of the needs of industry and research. Please note that these are three different processes which have different requirements and prerequisites.

How do I find the right approval procedure for me?

Define your needs! You are responsible for choosing the approval procedure which best suits the characteristics of your planned operation and your needs. This aid will help you identify the appropriate permit process for your planned operation.

Last modification 09.06.2021

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