High-level conference on peace in Ukraine

A high-level conference on peace in Ukraine will take place on the Bürgenstock on June 15 and 16, 2024. To ensure safety, the Federal Council has decided to temporarily restrict the use of the airspace around the Bürgenstock (LSR91) as well as other safety measures. Among other things, the free use of the airspace within a radius of 25NM or 46.3Km and the airfields in this zone is considerably restricted from June 13, 08:00 to June 17, 20:00 local time. The Air Force will provide air policing and increased airspace surveillance.

Within a radius of 25 nautical miles (approx. 47 kilometers) around the Bürgenstock (NW), a general flight ban applies to VFR and non-commercial IFR air traffic. (VFR, IFR non-commercial, joining, leaving, special flights, training, gliders). Flights with hang gliders, paragliders and delta gliders as well as model airplanes and drones are subject to special regulations. Details are available on the website of the Swiss Hang Gliding Association (SHV), the Swiss Model Flying Association (SMV) and the Swiss drone mapNote: Publication will be updated on 7.6.2024.

Closed airfields for all VFR traffic:
Kägiswil (LSPG), Haltikon (LSXN), Hausen am Albis (LSZN), Lucerne-Beromünster (LSZO), Buttwil (LSZU), Triengen (LSPN), Schattenhalb (LSXC) and Schindellegi (LSXS).

Open airfields with restrictions:

Approaches to and departures from Erstfeld and Buochs airfields within the safety zone are subject to special rules and procedures drawn up by the Swiss Air Force in collaboration with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation. 
The restrictions in the LSR91 are activated depending on the assessment of the threat situation. The Swiss Air Force reserves the right to make changes or tighten restrictions at short notice. 

When preparing your flight, do not forget to consult the official publications (NOTAM, DABS, etc.) on Skybriefing for all details on airspace restrictions.

Last modification 16.06.2024

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