Frequently asked questions

I recently purchased a drone. Am I allowed to operate it wherever I like, or do any special regulations apply?

Answers to questions relating to the use of drones, plus a flyer containing detailed information and a variety of helpful hints on this topic, are available on the following website:  Here you will also find links to the necessary forms if an application for a licence to operate a drone is required.

What are the regulations in Switzerland governing passengers’ rights?

You will find answers to this question by clicking on the following link:

Air Passenger Rights

Air Passenger Rights

Flight irregularities, Passenger Luggage, Banned air carriers.

What can I do if my baggage has been lost and the airline is no longer able to find it? Am I entitled to compensation, and if so, how much?

Please visit the following website (in German) for answers to this question: Beschädigung, Verlust oder Verspätung des Reisegepäcks.This site exists also in French an Italian.