SAFA controller

On the basis of applicable national and international regulations the FOCA sets the framework for safe and sustainable civil aviation in Switzerland. Under the motto "safety first", it strives to ensure the highest safety standards that can be measured amongst the best in Europe.


In its role as a supervisory authority, the FOCA creates the framework for sustainable and safe aviation on the basis of existing national and international regulations. It is also incumbent on the FOCA to continually improve aviation safety in a systematic and practice-oriented manner. It is charged with implementing the safety framework and create new ones when technical regulations are amended.

In fulfilling its political mandate, but also the expectations of the public, the FOCA exercises its role as supervisory authority actively, competently and independently, and in accordance with the "safety first" principle.

In aviation a distinction is made between 'safety' and 'security': Safety covers all measures intended to safeguard technical and operational reliability, while security covers protecting against illegal acts such as terrorist attacks and hijackings.

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