Legal Bases Aircraft Companies

The legislation and guidelines governing aviation operations/aircraft are based on Swiss regulations, as well as on international regulations and agreements.

There are two main groups of applicable sources of legislation for civil aviation companies: Swiss laws and ordinances (Federal Civil Aviation Act, Federal Civil Aviation Ordinance, etc.), and regulations and directives based on EU legislation in accordance with the principle of acquis communautaire. It should be noted here that, in the case of conflicting legislation, international regulations normally take precedence over national legislation.

Legal basis for the adoption of provisions of EU law

Legal bases for operating licences

Operations regulations (Subpart Q Annex III)

Technical Notifications (TN) with a close operational factual context

Technical notifications (TN) are mandatory directives based on Article 50 Regulation on the airworthiness of aircrafts (VLL, SR 718.215.1) concerning the treatment of aircrafts for certain purposes or the specification of equipment for use on and with aircrafts.

General civil aviation provisions

Flight OPS Directives

«Flight OPS Directives» provide information about the correct implementation and interpretation of legal provisions and regulations, as well as directives issued by the FOCA. All «Flight OPS Directives» have to be implemented if this is called for by the relevant legal provisions, for example if immediate mandatory measures are required in order to guarantee safety. 


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