Flight Operations

Aviation companies are required to hold an Air Operator Certificate (AOC), and as a rule also have to possess an operating licence in order to fly in Switzerland.

In order to obtain these documents they have to comply with the legal, operational and economic conditions that are specified in Swiss and European legislation. The FOCA is also the authority responsible for prosecution and administrative proceedings if the relevant regulations are not complied with.

This section contains all the necessary information relating to certification and supervision in connection with flights with aircraft, helicopters and other forms of air transport. Here you will also find information concerning the transport of hazardous goods, transport rights, aerial work carried out with the aid of helicopters, and regulations relating to flight operations.



Operations according to EASA Part-NCC

Since 25 August 2016, Regulation (EU) 965/2012 amended will apply for non-commercial operators of complex motor-powered aircraft

SPO type of activities

Operations according to EASA Part-SPO

After 21 April 2017 and in accordance with Regulation (EU) 379/2014 amending Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 on Air Operations, Annex VIII (Part-SPO) will be applicable to specialised operations

NCO Bild

Operations according to EASA Part-NCO

Since 25 August 2016, Regulation (EU) 965/2012 amended will apply for non-commercial air operators with other-than complex motor-powered aircraft

Flight OPS Directive

«Flight OPS Directives» provide information about the correct implementation and interpretation of legal provisions and regulations, as well as directives issued by the FOCA. All «Flight OPS Directives» have to be implemented if this is called for by the relevant legal provisions, for example if immediate mandatory measures are required in order to guarantee safety. «Flight OPS Directives» are issued from time to time as required, and in English only.

Guidance Material/Information

The FOCA publishes Guidance/Info Material, Certification leaflets (CL/OCL) describing the different types of operations. The aim of these leaflets is to help operators prepare the necessary documentation and certificates, define procedures and training courses, and adapt the Operations Manual system accordingly.

Alternative Means of Compliance

Further information