Aircraft Noise certification

In Switzerland, powered aircraft and helicopters have required noise certification since 1971.  Today, with a few national adjustments, this certification complies with the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).  Due to the strict limits applied and the country's town planning policy, Switzerland has one of the quietest aircraft fleets in the world.

A majority of the aircraft licensed to fly in Switzerland are certified in accordance with the rules of the European Air Safety Agency (EASA). The EASA website contains details of the corresponding registrations together with the noise certification data.

Propeller-driven aircraft and motorised gliders up to 8618kg MTOM, which cannot be certified in accordance with the EASA rules (NON EASA (Annex II) - Aircraft), are subject to a national certification in accordance with the Ordinance governing Aircraft Emissions (VEL / SR 748.215.3).

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