Aircraft that are to be listed in the Swiss civil aviation register first have to be inspected in order to ensure that they comply with the technical requirements as stipulated in the applicable national and international legislation. In some cases an aircraft may be required to undergo a technical inspection for this purpose.

If the specified requirements are met, the necessary airworthiness certificate and permit to fly are issued for the aircraft concerned.

Aircraft also have to undergo a periodical airworthiness review in order to ensure that they remain airworthy. Owners and operators of aircraft are also obliged to notify the FOCA about any occurrences of relevance to safety, in particular problems that may arise during flight operations.

An export airworthiness inspection may also be required if an aircraft is to be sold to an external buyer (exported). In such cases, the regulations of the country of destination have to be observed, and the FOCA therefore recommends that sellers should contact the civil aviation authorities in the country concerned.


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