Airworthiness reviews

Aircraft registered in the Swiss Aircraft Registry must either undergo an annual airworthiness review (EASA aircraft) or a review every two years (Annex II aircraft).

  • Aircraft  that fall within the scope of the EASA Basic Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 (EASA aircraft) are normally inspected every year by a CAMO in order to confirm their airworthiness. On passing the inspection, they are issued with an airworthiness review certificate, valid for one year. In exceptional cases, airworthiness may on special request be certified by FOCA.
  • In the case of aircraft that fall outside the scope of the EASA Basic Regulation, i.e. which are listed in Annex II to the Regulation (Annex II aircraft), the Ordinance on the Airworthiness of Aircraft (VLL; SR 748.215.1) applies. These aircraft are inspected by FOCA. The confirmation of review is valid for 2 years.

If the airworthiness review for an aircraft is due, ideally a review should be carried out in the 90-day period before the expiry date of the airworthiness review certificate or the confirmation of review. Aircraft without a valid airworthiness review certificate or a valid confirmation of review may no longer be operated. Infringements of this rule may lead to criminal prosecution.

Airworthiness review procedure for non-complex aircraft for private use: FOCA will send an Information sheet on the inspection agreement to the concering holders.

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