Production organisations under national law

The VLHb (Ordinance on Production Organisations of aircraft and aircraft parts) regulates, under which conditions an organisation which intends to produce aircraft or aircraft parts that are not subject to the EASA regulations receives an approval. It also defines the privileges and obligations of the approval holder.

New produced aircraft, engines, propellers, aircraft parts and appliances can be released by an approved production organisation using the documents listed below.

The Certificate must comply with the format attached including block numbers and the location of each Block. The size of each Block may however be varied to suit the individual application, but not to the extent that would make the Certificate unrecognisable.

FOCA Form 1 (DOC, 69 kB, 08.04.2016)Authorised release certificate for an engine, a propeller, a part or appliance o non-EASA aircraft.

FOCA Form 52 (DOC, 72 kB, 05.01.2010)Statement of conformity for new produced non-EASA aircraft.

FOCA Form 53 (DOC, 106 kB, 05.01.2010)Certificate of release to service; maintain a new non-EASA aircraft that it has produced and issue a certificate of release to service in respect of that maintenance.

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