Flight Operations

Aviation companies are required to hold an Air Operator Certificate (AOC), and as a rule also have to possess an operating licence in order to fly in Switzerland. This section contains all the necessary information relating to certification and supervision in connection with flights with aircraft, helicopters and other forms of air transport.    


Datum  Inhalt Status  
03/2020  NCC - Maintenance Check Flights added  Update  
03/2020  Compliance List Helicopter AOC   REV 08 
02/2020  GM/INFO - Examination Guide Aeroplane  ISS 02 
01/2020  Compliance List AOC Aeroplane  REV 09 
12/2019 AltMoC CAT.POL.H 305(b) - Implementation of the Set of Conditions for Reciprocating Engines  New 
12/2019 EASA Information Update - UPRT (Version 2) (PDF, 459 kB, 23.12.2019)  PDF 
12/2019  EASA Information Update - UPRT (PDF, 460 kB, 12.12.2019) PDF 
12/2019  GM/INFO - Theorieprüfung für Privatpiloten  New 
10/2019   GM/INFO - Minimum Equipment List   New 
10/2019  GM/INFO - Electronic Flight Bag  ISS 03 
10/2019  Specific Approval Checklist EFB ISS 01 
10/2019  44.20 Operational Applications -> EFB  REV 09 

In Focus

Revised Radiological Protection Ordinance

Information on the new Radiological Protection Ordinance.

NAT HLA Illustration

Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance

PBCS, NAT HLA and other topics.

Electronic Flight Bag

EFB Application using Form 44.20 and the Specific Approval Checklist.

Further Information


Air Operator Certificate

Initial certification and variation of an AOC and issuance of an operating licence.

Introduction to Part-BOP

Information on commercial balloon operations (German).

FSTD User Approval

Information and application for user approval for simulators.

Change of Management

Information on the change of management personnel.

Operations Manual

Information on revisions in the Operations Manual (OM).

Volcanic Ash

For the event of a volcanic eruption within or in the vicinity of the European Airspace Region, FOCA has defined measures applicable for all Swiss AOC-Holders.

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