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Non-Commercial Complex Operations

Since 25 August 2016, Regulation (EU) 965/2012 amended applies for non-commercial operators of complex motor-powered aircraft (further called NCC operators) with a principal place of business or residing in Switzerland or any EASA member state.

To be compliant with the applicable requirements, the operator has to consider following regulation parts (Annexes) with subparts and the respective Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC), the Certification Specifications (CS) and the Guidance Material (GM):

EASA Air Operations

  • Annex VI Part-NCC in full
  • Annex III Part-ORO in sections where applicable
  • Annex V Part-SPA where a specific operational approval is held or required  

EASA Part Air Crew in Annexes where applicable

FOCA Guidance Material / Information to Part-NCC

Click on the link below to download the FOCA GM/INFO for NCC operators. The GM/INFO shall assist the operator in becoming compliant with the applicable EASA regulations. 

Minimum Equipment List MEL 

Click on the following link to download the MEL (Minimum Equipment List) Approval form for NCC and SPO operators. The form shall be used for MEL Approval processes (initial approval / changes to MEL) by any NCC or SPO operator with a declaration in Switzerland.

Note: use the latest version of Adobe Reader to open the form

Declaration and List of Approvals

NCC operators with a principal place of business or residing in Switzerland shall use the following form to declare to the FOCA. Consider the FOCA GM/INFO thereto.

Note: use the latest version of Adobe Reader to open the form

The filled in documents together with copies of obtained certificates and authorisations as provided by the state of registry or any EASA member state or third country competent authority shall be sent to:

For aeroplane operators:  For helicopter operators: 
Federal Office of Civil Aviation
Safety Division Aircraft - SBOC
P.O. Box 41, CH-8058 Zurich-Airport 
Federal Office of Civil Aviation
Safety Division Aircraft - SBHE
3003 Bern 

Info: The declaration form will function correctly only if you are accessing it using a desktop computer or laptop. You will not be able to open the form using a Tablet or a Smartphone. Make sure to use an Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file since the form has been created with Adobe LiveCycle Designer. If you have any issues opening the form, please let us know.

Synopsis EASA Part-NCC

Special conditions

Voluntary quality assurance according to industry standard

NCC operators which have their documentation and operations regularly assessed or certified by an acknowledged quality assurance body according to latest industry standard may expect some relief in the oversight activities programme. Such relief on specific inspection items is foreseen once the certifying body can prove an EASA acknowledged industry standard.
In any case, the FOCA will have to conduct an inspection on the operators requirements at least once every 48 months starting with the implementation of the regulation.

Specific approvals obtained by another EASA or non-EASA authority

NCC operators with EASA and non-EASA registered aircraft which have already obtained a specific approval (Ops Specs) by another EASA member state or non EASA third country national aviation authority may expect acknowledgement of any such formal approval if the issuing authority is considered compliant with ICAO Annex 6 Part II/III requirements. Items addressed in EASA Part-SPA SPA.GEN.100 should therefore not be re-approved. The FOCA will issue the list of specific approvals based on certificates provided by the issuing EASA member state or third country competent authority. The NCC operator shall therefore submit any authorisation or approval documents when declaring in Switzerland. For any new specific approval in accordance with Part-SPA, the operator must apply to the FOCA. Declaring operators with third country registered aircraft seeking specific approvals according to Part-SPA are encouraged to go through any specific approval process with the state of registry.

Management System

The NCC operator shall implement a management system which at least shall be in accordance with AMC1 ORO.GEN.200 (a) and which shall reflect complexity and size of operations:

  • For organisations which are considered NON-COMPLEX OPERATORS with checklists and documented processes
  • For organisations which are considered COMPLEX OPERATORS with a full management system pursuant to AMC and GM to ORO.GEN.200

Note: Details on complexity criteria may be found in the AMC1 ORO.GEN.200 (b) and within the FOCA GM.

Layout NCC operators documentation

  • The operator may either use AMC2 to ORO.MLR.100 layout, or
  • the layout according to AMC3 to ORO.MLR.100 if the non-affected items are listed as «not applicable» and if this design is adressed on the declaration as alternative means of compliance (AltMoC).

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