Programme for the period from 2016 to 2019

Each four-year programme includes medium-term financial planning and specifies the priorities for special financing of civil aviation. It also specifies the maximum levels of recoverable costs (between 40 and 80 percent).

For the period from 2016 to 2019, the FOCA has specified the following priorities and maximum levels:  
Environmental protection:
  • Measures to protect the population against the impacts of pollutant emissions from civil aviation facilities and aircraft (maximum, 80 percent)
  • Measures carried out on aircraft to protect the population against noise and pollutant immissions (maximum, 80 percent)
  • Development of more ecological flight procedures, and training and further education concerning their use (maximum, 80 percent)
  • Control and supervision of passengers, hand luggage, checked-in baggage and aircraft (maximum, 80 percent)
  • Training of security personnel at airfields and airports (maximum, 80 percent)
  • Research, development and quality assurance (maximum, 80 percent)
  • Financing of air traffic control services aimed at enhancing the safety of landing and take-off procedures at Swiss airports (no maximum level applies)
  • Accident prevention programmes in the area of civil aviation, and corresponding research and development projects (maximum, 80 percent)
  • Training and further education (maximum, 80 percent)

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