Occurrence reporting

The monitoring of air safety is an integral part of the official functions exercised by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). By monitoring safety levels in the aviation industry, the FOCA can gauge whether safety risks are being appropriately assessed and identify areas in which safety can be improved. Occurrence reporting contributes significantly to the reactive and proactive identification of safety risks and leads to the improvement of safety measures.

The reporting system involves the notification of incidents by persons and organisations to the Safety and Risk Management office at the FOCA involving Swiss aircraft, maintenance operations, aerodromes or airspace. This information represents a highly valuable contribution to the identification of (possible) safety risks.

Reporting Portal

Mandatory and voluntary reports as well as reports in regards to Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPs) can be submitted to the FOCA via the webportal provided by the EU.

Reporting Office ROJCA (Reporting Office for Just Culture in Civil Aviation)

The Reporting Office for Just Culture in Civil Aviation aims to strengthen Just Culture through the protection of the information source of an occurrence reporting in Swiss Civil Aviation. Individuals can inform the Reporting Office of alleged infringements regarding the protection principles by national authorities or their organisation.

The ROJCA does not replace the occurrence reporting system of the FOCA. Irregular occurrences that compromise or that could compromise air safety must be reported to the FOCA.

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