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Postal Address:
Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA
3003 Bern
  Phone: +41 58 465 80 39
+41 58 465 80 32
E-Mail: info@bazl.admin.ch

FOCA location in Bern (Ittigen)

Location map in Bern (Ittigen)

Location Address in BernFederal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)
Mühlestrasse 2
3063 IttigenIf you come by train:RBS station of Bern Central Station
Line S7 to «Papiermühle»
Trains run every 15 minutesIf you come by car:Motorway exit «Bern Wankdorf»
Then follow direction «Ittigen»

FOCA location in Zürich

Location map for Zurich Airport
Location map for Zurich Airport

Location Address in Zürich-Flughafen (Zürich)Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)
Operation Center 1
8058 Zürich-FlughafenIf you come by train:Train Station «Zürich-Flughafen»
Then follow shield «Operation Center 1»If you come by car:Motorway exit «Zürich-Flughafen»
Then follow direction «Flughafen / Abflug / Parking 6»

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