Civil aviation medical service

In order to maintain valid the licenses, pilots and air traffic controllers are required to undergo periodical medical examinations. The Aeromedical Section (AMS) of FOCA supervises the Aeromedical Centers (AeMC) and the Aeromedical Examiners (AME). It is also the first instance for reviews in case of differences among pilots/controllers and AMEs.

01. Minimum requirements

A medical certificate will be issued only if theminimum requirementsare met.

02. Is there any age limit to obtain a medical certificate ?

The minimum age to apply for a licence is :
16 years for a licence LAPL Glider or LAPL Balloon
17 years for a licence LAPL Aircraft or LAPL Helicopter
17 years for a private pilot licence
18 years for a CPL licence
18 years for SRT (Air Navigation Service employees with safety related tasks)
21 years for ATCO (Air Traffic Controller)

04. Where can I obtain the list of FOCA authorized Aeromedical Examiners (AME) ?

You will find thelist of FOCA authorized Aeromedical Examinerson this page. The list is classified by regions.

05. I am pregnant. Can I fly?

Pregnancy always leads to a temporarily unfitness. Under special conditions flying during pregnancy can be authorized.

06. How should I report a change of address ?

You can send your change of address directly to the licence office

03. Duplicate in case of loss of my medical certificate

You simply make your requestto your medical advisor (AME)- who gave you the medical certificate.

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