Dangerous Goods: Training

The successful application of the regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods greatly depends on the awareness on the part of all involved persons of the associated risks, as well as on their understanding of the applicable regulations.

This can only be achieved if they attend appropriate basic training and periodical refresher courses. All training programmes have to be approved by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). In addition to the information provided on this page, upon request the FOCA will be pleased to provide detailed information concerning:

  • Holders of a valid personnel category 6 certificate
  • Consulting and training organisations

All requirements and checklists:

FOCA GM/INFO - DG Training Approval and Instructor Qualification (PDF, 1 MB, 01.11.2018)Provides comprehensive guidance on the requirements concerning DG training programmes and DG instructors

Examinations for obtaining a training licence in accordance with Article 16a, paragraph 3 of the Swiss Federal Air Transport Ordinance (LTrV)

Examination regulation DG

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Amendment of training provision and introduction of «Competency-based approach» in the field of dangerous goods training

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