Aviation policy report

Civil aviation is of the utmost importance both for the population and for the economy. It is the duty of the federal government to create the necessary conditions for maintaining efficient and reliable international connections for Switzerland and ensuring a high level of safety and security. In its new report on civil aviation policy, which was published on 25 February, the Federal Council explains how the civil aviation environment has changed over the years and how it aims to ensure that the Swiss civil aviation sector can remain competitive. Here, for example, one of the policy measures envisaged by the Federal Council concerns the elimination of the existing capacity bottlenecks at the national airports in cooperation with the involved cantons. 

In view of the significant changes that have taken place in the civil aviation environment in recent years, the Federal Council decided to publish a new civil aviation policy report. While its previous report, which was published in 2004, was prepared in the wake of the Swissair crisis and serious aviation accidents, the new report does not represent a departure from the existing policy, but rather sets out to explain how civil aviation can be further developed against a backdrop of increasing demand for mobility, the appearance of new airlines and the development of new technologies. The Federal Council formally adopted the report on 25 February 2016.