Elfe Series

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ADs applicable to Swiss registred aeronautical products designed by:

Segelflugzeugbau A. Neukom (inactive)

Pertaining to Model: Elfe Series
FOCA TC/TCDS: None (all models, except: Elfe S3, S4, S4A)
FOCA TC/TCDS: S 39-05 (only for models: Elfe S3, S4, S4A)
EASA SAS: EASA.SAS.A.041 (only for models: Elfe S3, S4, S4A)
Last update: 1 July 2020

ADs pre 1983:

Elfe AD-Summary TM-L Nr.: 80.525-11. Airworthiness Directives issued prior to 1983 are not published as individual issues. However you may download (PDF, 531 kB, 31.12.1982) a Summary with all the Elfe ADs issued prior to 31 December 1982 from the internet (531 KB).


Federal Office of Civil Aviation FOCA

Airworthiness Directives (AD)
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