Brexit - changes to air passenger rights

From 1 October 2021, identity cards will no longer be sufficient to enter UK

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From 01.10.2021, Swiss nationals will need a valid passport to enter the United Kingdom (UK). Identity cards will no longer be recognised as entry documents from 01.10.2021.

These changes also apply to nationals of most EU member states and the European Economic Area (EEA).

Exemptions from the passport requirement apply to people who are resident in the UK and have "Settlement Status" or "Pre-Settlement Status" under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS), are cross-border commuters or "S2 Healthcare Visitor" or Swiss nationals who have a Swiss Service Provider from Switzerland Visa. These people can still use their identity card to enter the UK until 31.12.2025.

Travellers with invalid or insufficient travel documents must expect to be refused entry to the UK at the border.

Airlines will check that passengers have the travel documents required to enter their destination country. If they do not carry a recognised entry document, this will result in the airline refusing carriage due to insufficient travel documents.

The FOCA recommends that passengers inform themselves about the entry regulations of their destination country before their flight. Information on this can be obtained from the embassies and consulates of your destination country.
Further information on entering the United Kingdom (UK) can be found on the following websites, among others:

Changes from 1.1.2021

United Kingdom

The European Flight Compensation Regulation continues to apply to flights from a British airport (UK) to Switzerland if operated by a Swiss or European airline.
As the enforcement authority the FOCA is now responsible for assessing incidents with regard to these flights.

For flights from a British airport (UK) to Switzerland operated by a British (or non-Swiss/non-EU) airline, the national British passenger rights apply.

There are also changes to the Regulation on the rights of persons with disabilities and reduced Mobility for flights departing from or arriving at a United Kingdom (UK) airport.
However, certain rights, such as the right to assistance from the airline, will continue to apply to air passengers departing from a United Kingdom (UK) airport to an airport in the EU if it is an EU or Swiss airline.

Departure Destination Airline Enforcement
UK Switzerland swiss / EU
FOCA European flight compensation regulation
UK Switzerland non-Swiss / non-EU
(incl. British)
UK authority UK national air passenger rights
Switzerland UK all FOCA European flight compensation regulation

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