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Avistrat-CH Vision


The Swiss "airspace and aviation infrastructure" system in its current form has deficiencies and is unsustainable: the Avistrat-CH program aims to completely rethink and bring coherence to the system. In close collaboration with stakeholders, FOCA has developed a Vision for the future, which was adopted in 2019. The program is now entering its next phase: the strategy will translate the recently approved Vision into real features and actions.


Eurobarometer passenger rights

Passenger rights

Results of a Eurobarometer survey on passenger rights

Among respondents who experienced a travel disruption (plane, train, coach or ship) but did not make an official complaint (72%), the most likely reason (45%) for not complaining was the feeling that it was useless to do so. In fact, 55% of respondents who complained to the transport company say they were satisfied by the way their complaint was dealt with. 32% of all respondents know passenger rights exist, but only 14% are specifically aware for air travel.


World Economic Forum (WEF)

World Economic Forum WEF 2020

World Economic Forum WEF 2020

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting will be taking place in Davos (Switzerland) between 21 and 24 January 2020 . At the request of the Government of the Canton Graubünden special security measures will be implemented. The use of the airports and the airspace around Davos will be restricted on 17 January and between 20 and 25 January.


Statistical tool aircraft register

Statistical tool Aircraft register

Statistical tool Aircraft register

How many aircrafts were registered in Switzerland in 1945? How did the situation evolve since the end of the second world war ? What’s the current trend: is the number of registered aircrafts increasing or decreasing? How many Ecolight planes are registered in Switzerland?
The new statistical tool of the aircraft register can answer all these questions: enjoy it. 


Drone identification

Identification à distance drones

FOCA's report on drones identification

On September 16th, FOCA coordinated a demonstration of the ASTM standard for drones identification in collaboration with six industry participants members of SUSI.  The goal being that soon anybody will be able to identify a drone via his smartphone or through the network. The networked solution proved fully satisfactory, while the broadcasted one worked as expected in the limits currently defined in the standard. This demonstration is a big step forward for the implementation of the new legal framework for drones that will enter into force mid-2020.

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) is responsible for aviation development and the supervision of civil aviation activities in Switzerland. The FOCA is part of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) and is charged with ensuring that the high safety standards in civil aviation in Switzerland are maintained, and with pursuing a policy of sustainable development.

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Reminder - Implementation of PBN privileges

In addition to the current conventional Instrument Rating (IR) prerequisites, further training and checking requirements as well as associated privileges were implemented for the instrument rated pilot in order to be authorized to fly Performance Based Navigation (PBN) in all phases of flight.

From 26th August 2018 PBN operations, including RNP Approaches, may only be flown by pilots holding an IR and PBN privileges in accordance with CR (EU) 2016/539

The information regarding acquisition and maintenance of PBN privileges please find under

Info on the EU Regulation on EASA Air Ops Part-NCC

Info on the EU Regulation on EASA Air Ops Part-NCC

As of 25 August 2016, EU regulation No 965/2012 amended, Annex VI (Part-NCC) becomes applicable in Switzerland and all EASA member States. EASA Part-NCC in combination with Part-ORO and Part-SPA is addressing requirements for non-commercial operations with complex motor-powered aeroplanes and helicopters.

For Specialists

For Specialists

In addition to the general website, the FOCA also operates a "Portal for Specialists", which contains detailed informations, documentation and forms for people who are active in the civil aviation sector in a professional or private capacity.