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COVID-19: new restrictions

Elektrische Luftfahrzeuge

COVID-19: Entry restrictions for passengers

Due to virus variant B.1.1.529, Switzerland introduced new entry conditions for passengers from countries of southern Africa and others. 

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Application form and declaration for inbound flights (operators)

Electrically powered aircrafts

Electrically powered aircrafts

Electrically powered aircrafts

Electrically powered aircraft are currently in a rapid development phase.

But what does it mean for the regulations in areas such as initial airworthiness, continuing airworthiness, aircrew and operations?

This page provides useful information on this subject.

Ticket refunds

Annulierte Flüge

Ticket refunds: airlines support passengers with problems with intermediaries

Passengers who booked their flight with an agent (online platform or similar), will be supported by airlines in case they are experiencing problems to be refunded. If necessary, they can ask the refund directly from the airlines.

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The FOCA introduces itself

Video "BAZL stellt sich vor"

The FOCA introduces itself

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation has produced a new short video to introduce itself and its employees.
The video and a small brochure were created by the mediamatic apprentices and summarise FOCA's organisational structure, its tasks and its activities.

Travel documents to enter UK

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From 1 october 2021, ID will are no longer sufficient to enter UK

From 01.10.2021, Swiss nationals will need a valid passport to enter the United Kingdom (UK). Identity cards will no longer be recognised as entry documents.
Additional information and exceptions

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) is responsible for aviation development and the supervision of civil aviation activities in Switzerland. The FOCA is part of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) and is charged with ensuring that the high safety standards in civil aviation in Switzerland are maintained, and with pursuing a policy of sustainable development.


Drones and aircraft models

Regulation and up to date information

Sachplan Verkehr, Teil Infrastruktur Luftfahrt (SIL)

Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan (SAIP)

The Sectoral Aviation Infrastructure Plan (SAIP) is the federal government's planning and coordination instrument for civil aviation.



Civil aviation statistics comprise data relating to airports and airlines.

Press releases

Note: Most Press releases are only available in German, French and Italian. Please check the FOCA homepage of these languages.  

Press Releases


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