Security measures


In civil aviation, the purpose of security measures is to protect against external threats such as aircraft hijackings, acts of sabotage and terrorist attacks.

Within the scope of security measures, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) is responsible for the certification and supervision of airports and airfields, airlines, regulated providers of on-board supplies, providers of air navigation services, regulated agents, independent auditors and providers of screening services.

The measures include:

  • Access control;
  • Inspections of passengers and hand luggage;
  • Inspections of regulated agents;
  • Inspections of independent auditors;
  • Protection of checked-in baggage;
  • Protection of aircraft;
  • Training of persons acting on behalf of independent auditors;
  • Protection of IT systems and control of access to Skyguide and Meteo Switzerland (air navigations services);

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Security measures
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