Aircraft maintenance personnel

Special training courses comprising both theory and practical elements exist for aircraft maintenance personnel. Training takes between two and five years, depending on the type of licence. After completing their course, trainees are required to take a practical and a theory examination.

Conditions for the issue or transfer of a license by the FOCA

Conditions for the issue or transfer of a license by the FOCA are Swiss citizenship or employment in a maintenance company approved by the FOCA.


In order to obtain or extend a Part-66 licence, training has to be completed in accordance with the requirements of EASA (Part-66).

National licences (e.g. for maintenance work on gliders with/without an engine, balloons and airships or components) exist in areas that are not governed by EU regulations or have not yet been regulated by the EU. These licences are based on the provisions of the Federal Ordinance on Aircraft Maintenance Personnel (SR 748.127.2).

By 1 October 2020, certifying staff with the national M licence for gliders, powered sailplanes, balloons and airships must have obtained the new EASA L-licence in accordance with Part III (Part-66) of Regulation (EU) 1321/2014.

Further information on the correct administrative process of the exchange of the national M-license can be found in the technical news related to aircraft of December 2019.


Theory examinations for national licences

Theory examinations for national licences are carried out by the FOCA and takes place twice a year.

Examination dates:

Thuesday, 05 April 2022

Thuesday, 25 Octobre 2022

The examinations will be held at the premises of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) in Ittigen (near Bern). Registrations must be submitted not later than four weeks in advance (i.e. by 05 March 2022, respectively by 25 September 2022). Candidates accepted for the examinations will be notified in good time about the precise time and location.

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