Aviation has far-reaching effects on the environment. Ensuring economic viability and meeting mobility requirements while also achieving sustainability goals is a huge challenge.

Locally, aviation creates noise and pollutants, and these must be reduced to a minimum. To achieve this goal, Switzerland has created its own regulations, norms and incentive systems. These are now to be maintained and developed.
Aviation must also make a contribution to reducing the climate impact, as also required by Switzerland’s Climate Strategy. This means international obligations must be met and effective measures taken.
More about these topics and other environmental impacts can be found on this website (available in German, French or Italian).

Luftfahrt und Klima


What impact does aviation have on the climate? Which measures can be used to reduce this impact?



How are aviation emissions controlled and what effect do they have on health and the environment?
(available in German, French or Italian)



Aviation produces noise, particularly near airports. How is this controlled and what measures are taken to reduce it?
(available in German, French or Italian)


Other subjects

How are airports used to promote biodiversity? How can the sustainable development of aviation be ensured?
(available in German, French or Italian)    

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