Passenger luggage: allowed and forbidden items

Erlaubte und verbotene Gegenstände im Gepäck
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Certain items, which are considered to be dangerous, may not be carried in a passenger’s luggage. Often, the danger these items may present are not evident to a passenger.

The following list displays a selection of dangerous items frequently carried. This list is meant to assist and to raise the awareness of flight passengers.

Frequent dangerous goods

Baggage with installed/not removable lithium(Li) batteries
Li-metal-bat. with more than 0.3 g Li-metal or
Li-ion-bat. exceeding 2.7 Wh
Baggage with installed/removable lithium(Li) batteries
installed Li-metal-bat. with max. 0.3 g Li-metal or
Li-ion-bat. not exceeding 2.7 Wh
(removable batteries must be removed and carried in cabin)
Lighter (on one’s person)
with butane gas (incl. disposable lighters)
Rechargeable batteries
as well as powerbanks
see details Details
Ordinary batteries
such as AA, AAA, C, D or 9-Volt batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries
see details Details
Fireworks Details
Gas cartridges
small, with non-flammable gas
Only allowed with approval by the airline!
Flammable substances
such as adhesives, fuel, paintbrush cleaner fluids etc.
batteries e-cigarettes (on one’s person)
including e-cigars, e-pipes or other personal vaporisers, which contain batteries
Gel burner
e.g. for fondue cookers
Electronic devices
with lithium batteries
Observe restrictions!
see details Details
when easily flammable (applicable to most liquid paints)
Safety matches
i.e. standard matches, which can be lighted on the striking surface of the matchbox
Medicinal or toiletry articles (non-radioactive)
hairsprays, perfumes and medicines containing alcohol (see details for max. net quantity)



  • The list of items on this page is not complete. An overview of the valid regulations can be found under „further information“.
  • Individual countries and airline operators may apply more restrictive provisions concerning luggage. For further information regarding transport conditions please contact your airline.
  • Certain items may be carried as freight, provided they are declared as dangerous goods.
  • Wheelchairs and electromobiles may also be classified as dangerous goods. For further information click here.

Advice: Go the airport early and allow enough time for security checks.

Further information


Individual countries and airline operators may apply more restrictive provisions concerning luggage. In case of doubt contact your airline or the airport.