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Since 06 November 2006 a regulation by the European Union (EU) regarding liquids in carry-on baggage is also applied in Switzerland, for passengers departing from Switzerland or for passengers transferring onto transfer flights from Switzerland.

Since 31 January 2014 slightly changed liquids rules apply. These alterations have little effect for passengers at this time though. Allowed in carry-on baggage are:

  • containers with liquids, aerosols or gels of a maximum capacity of 100 ml (1 dl). The containers (tube, can, bottle) must loosely fit in a transparent and resealable plastic bag (e.g. freezer bag) of maximum 1 litre capacity. Per person one plastic bag is allowed. This also applies to children and infants.
  • containers of all sizes with liquids, which are required during travel due to medical or dietary reasons (e.g. baby food).
  • duty-free items of all sizes, which were acquired at a Swiss/EU/EFTA airport or on board of a Swiss/EU/EFTA plane, provided the respective sales receipt can be presented, and the items are sealed in an untampered plastic bag.

Only open the plastic bag at the end of your journey!

These rules are in effect from 31 January 2014 for passengers travelling from airports of EU member states (as well as Switzerland, Norway and Iceland), the USA, Canada and Australia or who are transferring onto transfer flights from such airports.

All liquids must be presented at the security checkpoints at the airport.

Notice: Only put items in your carry-on baggage which you need during the journey. Go to the airport early, in order to allow enough time for security checks. For certain liquids in the checked baggage restrictions apply. In case of doubt contact your airline.

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Individual countries and airline operators may apply more restrictive provisions concerning luggage. In case of doubt contact your airline or the airport.