Chemical, corrosive and toxic substances

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All substances, which pose a risk of fire, corrosion or the development of toxic gases, are completely forbidden in the checked baggage as well as in the carry-on baggage.

Among others:

  • Paints and varnishes,
  • Acids and alkalines,
  • Chemical household products,
  • Toxic substances or other substances, which could cause infections,
  • Radioactive materials,
  • Pepper sprays and other sprays, which could be used for self-defence etc.


Certain items:

  • may be carried under certain provisions, provided the airline agrees to it;
  • may be carried as freight, provided they are declared as dangerous goods

Make enquiries with your airline in good time regarding the modalities.


Individual countries and airline operators may apply more restrictive provisions concerning luggage. In case of doubt contact your airline or the airport.