Explosive and easily flammable substances

Substances, which:

  • are easily flammable;
  • act as accelerants;
  • pose a risk of explosion;
  • act as corrosive;
  • emit radiation; or
  • generate toxic gases

are considered dangerous goods and may not, or only under restrictions, be carried on flights.

All substances listed below, or which belong to the mentioned categories, are not allowed in the checked baggage nor in the carry-on baggage!

Substanz Beispiele
Flammable gas •  Camping gas
•  Gas cartridges for household or cosmetic
•  Lighter gas
Flammable liquid •  Petrol / Diesel / Kerosene
•  Paintbrush cleaner fluids
•  Fuels
•  Petrol / Lamp oil
•  Paint / Varnish
•  Adhesives
Flammable solids •  Fireworks
•  Firelighter cube
•  Torches 
Chemical substances •  Acids / Alkalines
•  Chemical household articles
•  Infectious substances
•  Defence sprays (pepper sprays etc.)
Petrol fumes developing motor parts •  Petrol tanks,
•  Petrol tubes,
•  Carburetor, etc.,
which are not cleaned properly 
Radioactive materials •  X-ray machines
More detailed information can be found by clicking on the respective term.

Important notice

Certain items:

  • may be carried under certain provisions, provided the airline agrees to it;
  • may be transported as freight, provided they have been declared as dangerous goods.

Make enquiries with your airline in good time regarding the modalities.


Individual countries and airline operators may apply more restrictive provisions concerning luggage. In case of doubt contact your airline or the airport.