Dangerous Goods: Training

The successful application of the regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods greatly depends on the awareness on the part of all involved persons of the associated risks, as well as on their understanding of the applicable regulations.

A safe and efficient aviation system depends on a skilled workforce. Employers are required to ensure that their personnel are competent to perform each activity for which they are responsible. This requirement can be met by establishing a Competency-based Training and Assessment (CBTA).

As from 01.01.2023: Competency-Based Training and Assessment DG Personnel

(ICAO Technical Instructions, part 1, chapter 4)

Information on how to implement the training provisions and to obtain the required approvals can be found in the following FOCA documents:

Note: Due to these changes, an amendment of the Ordinance on Air Transport (OATr, SR748.411) is necessary. The Federal Council approved the partial revision of the Air Transport Ordinance at its meeting on October 12, 2022. The amendments will enter into force on January 1, 2023 (Press release).

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