Dangerous goods: Operation

The transport of dangerous goods is regulated by ICAO Annex 18 (including Technical Instructions) and by Articles 16 and 16a of the Swiss Federal Air Transport Ordinance.

Certification leaflet on dangerous goods (complex operations-aeroplanes)

FOCA GM/INFO - CL Dangerous Goods Complex Aeroplanes (PDF, 1 MB, 21.06.2022)Describes the specific requirements of the dangerous goods regulations and provides guidance material on how to implement relevant operations matters into the operations manuals A and D

Guidance Material Dangerous Goods (helicopters)

FOCA GM/INFO - CL Dangerous Goods Helicopters (PDF, 1 MB, 15.02.2023)Operators policy in relation to the transport of Dangerous Goods in the operations manuals A and D (in format of a CL)

Declaration Consignor Dangerous Goods

Entities mentioned as shipper on the dangerous goods transport document in accordance with Part 5, Chapter 4 of the TIs to ICAO Annex 18 are required from 1 April 2023 to submit a one-time declaration to the FOCA before delivering their first dangerous goods consignment at the cargo acceptance point. Further information on this can be found on the site “Declaration Consignor Dangerous Goods”.


(in accordance with ICAO Technical Instructions, Part 1, Chapter 1.1.3)

An exemption is required for transporting certain types of dangerous goods. Applications must be submitted at least three working days in advance.

In accordance with the Swiss Ordinance on the Fees of the Federal Office for Civil Aviation (GebV-FOCA), Art. 40 3, a fee will be charged based on the time spent for processing an application for the granting of exemptions / approval.

Carriage of consignments of lithium cells and/or batteries requiring approval as air cargo

(in accordance with ICAO Technical Instructions, Part 1, Chapter 1.1.2)

Applications for an approval of Switzerland as state of origin must be submitted to FOCA at least four weeks in advance with the following form:

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