The Annual Safety Report carefully examines any incidents that are relevant to the safety of Swiss civil aviation both on the ground and in the air.

Categorise, analyse and then define measures: FOCA experts categorise the reports received as high or low risk depending on their severity and probability of occurrence. In the Annual Safety Report, the risks are allocated to the various areas of aerodrome operations, air traffic management, flight operations, helicopter operations and technical issues.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires member states to have a State Safety Programme. This national safety programme defines the most important tasks and actions. The FOCA, as the regulatory authority, has defined a series of safety indicators to monitor these. The indicators make it possible to monitor the development of individual risks in detail. If necessary, the FOCA carries out further analyses or risk assessments and specifies actions to be taken.

The data presented in the Annual Safety Report comes from commercial and non-commercial Swiss civil aviation. The 2023 report focuses on the current situation and highlights the development of incidents over the last five years. FOCA experts also clarify possible causes and trends.