Satellite navigation and new technologies for flight procedures

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Satellite technology will change aviation and enable new flight procedures. Switzerland intends to take part in this international development and has therefore launched a national implementation programme. Although simpler applications should soon be available, the development and approval of more complex flight procedures will take some time.

New technologies based on satellite navigation open up new possibilities for cruise flights as well as for takeoff and landing operations. The aim is to use these technologies to optimise the safety, capacity and efficiency of aviation and reduce environmental pollution. However, implementation of new technologies is a major undertaking both in scope and complexity. The corresponding procedures must first be developed, technologically tested and finally approved on the basis of the criteria defined. The implementation of modern forms of navigation requires a full range of technical expertise as well as close cooperation between airport operators, air navigation service providers, aircraft and flight system manufacturers, airline companies and aviation authorities.

"Chips" - a source of ideas

In order to further develop Swiss aviation through new technological applications, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) is leading a new coordination and management programme "Chips", which stands for "CH-wide Implementation Program for SESAR-oriented Objectives, Activities and Technologies". SESAR is an EU-funded research programme to develop a more effective air navigation service system in Europe.

The "Chips" programme serves as a source of ideas on how to coordinate the introduction of new flight procedures in Switzerland and how to create synergies between individual projects.