Manuals to ICAO Annex 14

Annex 14 of the Convention on the International Civil Aviation Organization contains the basic standards and recommendations (SARPs) for the aerodromes. Annex 14 refers to various manuals, procedures and circulars.


The annexes, procedures and circulars may not be printed due to copyright restrictions. The ICAO offers on its website (see link Annexes to the ICAO Convention / Additional Information) commercially available printouts and digital subscriptions.

The publication of the following documents serves as an illustration and the authority assume no liability for their correctness or completeness.


Airport Services Manual (ASM)

Aerodrome  Design Manual (ADM)

Airport Planning Manual (APM)

Certification of Aerodromes (COFA)

Procedures for Air Navigation Services (PANS)


Circulars (CIR)

Other Manuals