The impact of climate change on aviation in Switzerland

Aviation is heavily dependent on the prevailing weather conditions. Global warming can change the nature of these conditions. Long-term changes to the meteorological conditions, such as temperature, precipitation, ground wind and storm systems, may affect the aviation sector in various ways.

Disruption to flight operations, damage to infrastructure, impact on demand and a range of financial consequences are amongst the major potential effects of climate change. These many negative effects highlight the need to incorporate climate risks into airport risk management systems.

In Switzerland, aviation is less exposed to climate risks than in some other countries. Aviation’s resilience nevertheless needs to be improved in light of the vital role it plays for Switzerland’s society and economy.

Überblick über die für die Schweiz projizierten Klimaveränderungen und deren Folgen für die Luftfahrt
Overview of the changes in climate forecast for Switzerland and their impact on aviation

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Last modification 17.10.2023

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