FAA Flight Prohibition in the Use of Supplemental Helicopter Harnesses

FOCA SAND-2018-001


Following a fatal helicopter accident near New York City, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have issued an Emergency Order of Prohibition to all operators and pilots of flights for compensation or hire with the doors open or removed in the United States of America or using aircraft registered in the United States of America for doors off flights. The Emergency Order prohibits the use of supplemental passenger restraint systems that cannot be released quickly in an emergency in doors off flight operations. It also prohibits passenger-carrying doors off flight operations unless the passengers are at all times properly secured using FAA-approved restraints.


As a result of this prohibition, helicopter operators and owners are recommended to review their current procedures for flights involving the opening or removal of doors and ensure they are operating in accordance with the annex of Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 (EASA Air Operations) relevant to the nature of their operation. 

Further Details

For further details refer to the relevant section of EASA Air Operations related to “Seats, seat safety belts, restraint systems and child restraint devices”, referenced below.

  • Part CAT.IDE.H.205
  • Part SPO.IDE.H.160 
  • Part NCC.IDE.H.180 
  • Part NCO.IDE.H.140

Further Information

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Safety Division - Flight Operations
Helicopter Flight Operations (SBHE)
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