SPO for Foreign Operators

SPO Switzerland #1

Swiss FOCA is the competent authority for all Swiss and Lichtenstein operators.


The foreign SPO operator is expected to be in compliance with Part-SPO when applying for SPO operations on Swiss Territory. There are some national requirements that may be unknown to foreign operators which have to be considered. Those are published here:

FOCA has published some guidance material for helicopter operators, as those are the main SPO stakeholders in Switzerland. Concerning the reviews and acceptances of high risk commercial specialised operations’ applications it is to be said, that FOCA adheres to the standard layout for the SOPs and risk assessments according to SPO.OP.230. To get an idea how the subject is reviewed you may refer to the checklists integrated in:

FOCA GM/INFO - Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for helicopter operations (PDF, 821 kB, 04.07.2017)Guidance for operators developing SOPs for their specialised operations (SPO) with helicopters

Note: The Swiss customs acknowledged to release the tax on fuel for commercial SPO OPS on the same conditions as defined for an AOC holder (the SPO declaration and contract must be shown to the custom official on site).


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