Aeronautical Information

Each flight requires a certain amount of preparation. All documents neccessary for a preparation of a flight (AIC - Serie A, AIC Switzerland - Serie B, AMIE, weather forecasts) are available in this category.

Aeronautical Manual of the Swiss AIP and Flight Charts

The aeronautical publication of Switzerland - AIP Switzerland contains information that is for safe aviation operations and is permanently valid. Within the AIP are prescribed flight paths and airspaces, and the mandatory arrival and departure procedures. The pilot is responsible for the operation of aircraft including responsibility for all the regulations contained in the AIP and VFR Manuals.

The Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) can be ordered directly from Skyguide:

Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC)

The AIC Series A, Swiss AIC Series B (German and French) are provided as administrative information which does not involve restrictions on aviation, for example, verification data for the awarding of a pilot's licence, etc. These circulars may be downloaded here.

Flight Briefing

For the scheduling of follow-up reports or briefings for flight use the AMIE-Self Briefing terminals at Swiss airports, or the Integrated Home Briefing Service on the Internet under

Weitere Information: Skyguide AIM Services

Further information


Flight weather

The preparation of a flight must also include weather forecasts. This service is provided by MeteoSchweiz.