Entire list of AD / EASA Biweekly Reports

Entire list of AD / EASA Biweekly Reports

The following list is a summary of Airworthiness Directives (AD), which were published up to the issue date on page A of this summary. It takes into account those aircraft models which are currently registered or reserved in the Swiss aircraft registry. This list is intended to be an aid in determining which ADs are applicable to a particular model. Applicability as stated in the individual ADs have precedence.

ADs which were issued prior to 31 December 1982 were published under a different system. These ADs can be downloaded as summaries in one document. For data base-technical reasons this AD-summaries carries a fictitious HB-1982-XXX number. The determining individual AD-numbers prior 1983 are to be inferred from the appropriate documents.

The entire list of ADs is updated monthly in Adobe pdf format and will no longer be distributed in hardcopy.

Published: 30.06.2024

EASA Biweekly Reports

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