How do I refer my case to FOCA?

If your passenger rights have been violated, you can report this to the FOCA: All you have to do is complete the corresponding online form, sign it and send it to the address indicated below. Please also enclose a copy of your flight booking and official identification document (e.g. passport or identification card). If you have not yet contacted the airline directly, please do so without delay, because we will also need a copy of your correspondence with it.


Since our aim is help protect your rights as a passenger, our service is free of charge. Unlike commercial service providers, we do not make any deductions from the amount paid directly to you by the airline.

Information concerning reports by Claim Agencies 

On a European level it was noted that certain Claim Agencies committed infringements on consumer protection, marketing and data protection law. In order to prevent misuse and for reasons of passenger protection, FOCA requests new requirements.

Please be advised that the passenger can submit a report to FOCA directly and without needing a representation. Read more (PDF, 166 kB, 29.03.2018).


Last modification 04.07.2022

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