Duties of the FOCA


The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) is responsible for monitoring civil aviation in Switzerland and aviation development. It is responsible for ensuring that civil aviation in Switzerland has a high safety standard and one that it is in keeping with sustainable development.  

The FOCA aims to ensure the safe and best possible and environmentally friendly use of the infrastructure, which includes airspace with air traffic control and aerodromes. The Office also supervises aviation companies to which it issues an operating licence based on a technical, operational and financial evaluation.

As far as aviation personnel are concerned, the FOCA ensures that pilots, air traffic controllers and maintenance specialists receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date training or in-service training available. The FOCA inspects the technical requirements with which manned aircraft, from hot air balloons through gliders to wide-bodied aircraft, as well as unmanned aircraft (UAS) need to comply for safe operation.
The FOCA bases itself mainly on internationally agreed standards and practices for its supervisory activities.

In addition to the supervisory function in the four areas mentioned, which comprises a considerable part of its work, the FOCA is responsible for the formulation and implementation of aviation policy decisions. The Federal Office is also involved in various international organisations or collaborates closely with them.

It currently employs around 350 staff. Director General of the FOCA is Christian Hegner.