The FOCA is required to provide information in an open and transparent manner. Citizens are entitled to find out how taxpayers’ money is spent. The FOCA’s duty to provide information is only restricted if the security of the country could be at threat, or if the matter concerns ongoing legal proceedings.

It is the policy of the Communication section of the FOCA to answer questions from media representatives professionally and comprehensively, and as quickly as possible. Our personnel are at your disposal during normal office hours, or via our standby phone number at weekends. A great deal of background information and reports on current developments are available on the FOCA website, as well as on Facebook (under "Stay Safe") and Twitter (@bazlCH).

Urs Holderegger, Head of Communications

Christine Caron is the head of the communications department. She is responsible for media relations. Christine Caron is a member of the management board.   


For media (de):+41 58 464 23 35
For media (fr): +41 58 464 72 87

Christian Schubert

Christian Schubert is spokesperson for media representatives from the German-speaking part of the country. He is responsible for "Stay Safe!" as a safety promotion channel for general aviation.


For media (de): +41 58 464 23 35
For media (fr): +41 58 464 72 87

Antonello Laveglia
Antonello Laveglia, Spokesperson

Antonello Laveglia is the contact person for the french and italian speaking media. He also supports the management of the website and "Stay Safe" Facebook account.

For media (fr) +41 58 464 72 87
For media (it) +41 58 461 60 43


Media Relations (for journalists only)

Tel (de): +41 58 464 23 35
Tel (fr): +41 58 464 72 87

Pikett am Wochenende:
Tel: +41 58 465 31 31

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