Specific category


As of January 1, 2023, the FOCA will only issue operating licenses in accordance with EU law. A transition period of 8 months is planned in order to:

  1. Adapt operating licenses already issued to the new legal basis.
  2. To give operators newly falling into the specific category time to obtain a licence under EU law (STS, PDRA, SORA).
  3. To allow operators in point 2 to still operate under the rules of the previous OSCA during this time. In doing so, operators can deviate from the rules of the open category, if this is absolutely necessary for the operation.

By the end of the transition period on September 1, all operators within the specific category must be in possession of an authorization (STS, PDRA, SORA) based on EU law.

If one or more of the basic rules cannot be complied with or if the take-off weight is over 25kg, you may require an authorisation to operate the drone in the specific category. Various procedures exist for obtaining an operational authorisation:

Last modification 03.01.2023

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