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Getting started in Specific Category

If one or more of the basic rules cannot be complied with or if the take-off weight is over 25kg, you may require an authorisation to operate the drone in the specific category.

The following presentation gives an overview of this category:

The following procedures are available to apply for an operational authorisation:

The decision tree presented in the document below gives an overview of the different conditions applicable for each authorisation type.

Instructions for writing an Operations Manual (OM)

The Operations Manual (OM) serves as the basis for any request for an Operational Authorisation in the Specific category. An OM is approved only if it demonstrates that all identified risks are tolerable and operational safety objectives are met based a Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) or a Pre-defined Risk Assessment (PDRA).The OM should not only describe the operation, but also provide insight into the operator’s operational safety culture. It should also include how and when to interact with additional parties/organizations (e.g., Airport Authorities, ANSP).

Please find below FOCA's "Guidance to elaborate an Operations Manual" (FOCA-UAS-GM-OM) that is designed to be used in combination with the empty “Operations Manual Template” (FOCA-UAS-APP-OM).

The goal is to guide applicants to provide the necessary information for submitting an OM as part of an application for an operational authorization, i.e. together with SORA or a PDRA application form.

Further guidance:

Notice of modification of authorized opperations

If you wish to report an operational or technical change to operations already authorised by the FOCA, please use the following form to extend your authorisation to this change.

Further information

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